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Initiations :: US East
Neelakantha Meditation Initiation Day 2 Gathering - Distance
1:00 PM
Distance via Zoom
Students who have previously learned Neelakantha Meditation from Paul Muller-Ortega
or any Authorized Teacher are invited to attend Day 2 teachings at no cost, as part of
their original tuition. Contact Gina Minyard to enroll. Neelakantha Meditation is an
elegant and profound meditation practice that draws you into your Deepest Self, giving
you access to more bliss, peace, and ease in life.
This simple twice-daily practice can be done anywhere you can safely close your eyes,
making it possible to build it into the context of a busy schedule, amid all the demands
of Householder life. When you learn Neelakantha Meditation, you also receive the
knowledge you need to understand and integrate your experiences in deep meditation.
But you don’t need any prior experience or background to learn the practice, and enjoy
the benefits of Neelakantha Meditation.
Age Group: Neelakantha Meditation Initiates
Venue: Distance via Zoom
Address: Contact Gina Atlanta, GA 30383
Phone: N/A

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